Confused about who Rachael is? Well…that’s me. It’s my first name, but I’ve never used it. I’ve always gone by my middle name, Briana. Or, more precisely, Bri, or Bi, or Ban, or Bani, or the Beekeeper, or Doogie Brown (don’t even ask me about that one, ’cause I couldn’t tell ya). But anyways, reminiscent nicknames aside…

I am an amateur photographer hoping to up the ante. I carry my camera with me everywhere—we’re practically involved. (You’ve got to read that with your eyebrows raised and your voice deepened. You’re inner voice, that is.) I’m not just satisfied to see things, I want to take them home with me.

I have had two photos published on National Geographic’s website, which led to the sale of my first photo for commercial use. (I will never again jump to conclusions when receiving a phone call from Richmond, Virgina!)

I’m always looking for opportunities to learn more about the art of photography and the technology that fuels it, but I don’t want to get so wrapped up in technicalities that I lose the real excitement of shooting and being in the moment. I never want to lose my passion for photography because it has stopped being fun!

And of course, if anyone is looking for an assistant in the San Francisco Bay Area, or even just help on a shoot, let me know!

(Photo by the lovely Katie Wallace!)


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